ACES is the premier training and recruiting program for West Coast lacrosse players.

From the ground up.

ACES is an elite lacrosse program based out of Orange County, CA. ACES is not just another club program. We run differently than other organizations and place a large emphasis on player and team development. At ACES you are not just paying for a name–you are paying to take your game to the next level. 

ACES isn’t just a team, it’s a family where I feel like I can be myself and play the sport that I love!

Joelle Rothbard


We offer an intimate playing experience with a coaching staff made up of former collegiate players. At ACES you know your coaches and we know you! Our staff works to ensure that our athletes are prepared both mentally and physically by offering collegiate style practices, strength and conditioning, and mental strength training sessions.  Our goal is to help make our players dreams come true.

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What makes us different?

At ACES our goal is to make our player’s dreams come true and we are constantly seeking to elevate what we offer in order to make this a reality. Coming from the West Coast, it takes more to get recruited and we have the experienced staff that makes this possible. We recently added Michele Ruth to our team. Michele spent years with X-team where she placed hundreds of girls into the colleges of their choice. That being said, our recruiting services are the best in the country. We also practice and train more than any other club team in the country. We believe that in order to be the best, we need to train with the best, and play against the best. That being said, our girls train on the field with our experienced staff of former NCAA players and then they train in the gym at Athletes Choice with Nick Tintle, who just won a championship with the Denver Outlaws. Our goal every time we step on the field is to represent the West Coast. We don’t play alone, we play together.

Practice hard and often.

While we love tournament play, we look to practice more than we compete so that when we do step on the game field we are at our best. 

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