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Elite Coaching Staff

Our staff is made up of former collegiate lacrosse players who have a zest and a passion for the game of lacrosse.

Recruiting Services

If you are looking to play lacrosse in college you are in the right place! We offer recruiting services tailored to your individual needs.

Strength & Conditioning

Train hard. Train smart. Play fast. Get faster and stronger at Athlete's Choice, the best lacrosse training facility in Orange County!


Mental Strength Training

ACES players receive mental strength training through individual and team bonding activities run by our mental strength coach, Joseph Stoltman.


Journals are used as a reflective practice to help players engage in metacognition to improve their mindset and deepen their lacrosse IQ.

Chalk Talk/Game Film

In order to build and improve upon lacrosse IQ and game sense we work to debrief after games and practices with the aid of film and other visuals.

Private and Group Training

Training is available upon request at Athlete's Choice or on a field. Whether you want to improve your stick skills, strength, or speed we are here for you!

Beach Lacrosse

Beach lacrosse helps to improve conditioning while helping our Athlete's play in a small space to improve game sense and stick skills.

Player Feedback

Verbal feedback is given after tournaments in order to ensure that our players know not only where they are exceling but where they need to improve.

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Fundamentals & Lacrosse IQ 100%
Strength & Conditioning 100%
Recruiting 100%
Mental Strength Training 100%

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